About Us

My name is Zane and I created Healthyppl.com as a project to offer the best information out there for promoting health, wellness and even beauty. My personal belief is that all of us can and should keep our bodies and minds healthy and keep ourselves looking spectacular daily.

I have been a gatherer of information about health and even beauty and I have been a beneficiary of good tips and information from my constant research as well as from my group of health and beauty fanatics. I believe that being healthy lets me enjoy my life and everything around me better. looking good is important to me too. Looking good makes us feel good about ourselves and gives us greater confidence to face the world daily.

But I was not always healthy and happy.


A few years back, I was involved in a government project that took up all my time and I was not able to eat my meals regularly and I was not exercising too. My sleep cycle was a disaster and I put on 20 lbs over that 2 years.

I look 10 years older as my skin condition was in a bad state. That was the low point of my life and on the last few days of the project, I decided to change my life and clean up my body.

It took me 6 months and I lost the 20lbs, got myself fit enough to run a marathon, and detox myself such that my skin got back my previous glow. I felt happier again.

Since then I have been crazy about health and beauty. I am constantly reading books, magazines, research papers and even websites (Yes! I do read other people’s websites too) on health and beauty hacks and tips.


I love to try out various health hacks and new products . And I also test out all those beauty tips and sample beauty products just to see whether they work. I know guys are supposed to be macho but I do like to test out health and beauty products to test their credibility.

Some work, some dun and some are real while some are horrible fakes. There are just so many products in the world right now and so many different hacks and tips you can try out, that most of us just can’t figure out what works and what are the fakes.

So, I started healthyppl.com because I believe I can help to provide a bit of information on real tips and fake hacks as well as the authenticity of some of those much-talked about products.

I intend to grow healthyppl.com to be an authority for health and beauty information and for it to become my career too.


Always Stay Healthy and Looking Good!