How To Look Younger Than Your Age?

Aging is inevitable and irreversible. Everything that lives will decay and die, so are your cells. Entropy is a basic physical mechanism that rules the world. As it’s impossible for you to go back in time, it’s also impossible for your cells to get younger. Supposedly with the more years, we have lived, the more … Read more

Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face and Skin

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t wear that sexy backless dress because you’re too self-conscious about the dark spots all over your shoulder and back? Your fashion options are limited to conservative attire because showing some skin makes you feel unaesthetic. How about the times when you apply some layers of foundation and … Read more

Do I Need to Worry About Brown Spots on My Face?

Recently, I find it slightly disturbing to look at the mirror. There are brown spots on my face that appeared around a week ago and it seems like they won’t go away any soon. Aesthetics is not even my main concern. Although it is annoying that my foundation cannot cover the brown patches flawlessly enough, … Read more